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Five Sisters and a Dog Productions- A Boutique Full Service Media Production House

Five Sisters and a Dog- is a full service boutique media production house
Ian G of Gig Harbor

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Website Design

Five Sisters and Dog Productions- We create then educate you on how to maintain your website.

Five Sisters and a Dog Productions- Architectural Photography is a specialty

Architectural Photography

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World Village Playsets- China

We are a full service boutique media production house.
Adventures of Buzz and Woody

Follow Buzz and Woody's travel adventures through out the world

Event Photography

We are a full service boutique media production house.


We’re in the “story” business, using still photography, video, website design and even a few words or two to tell “your organization’s story”. Contact us and let us help you share your story with the world.

"We love the photos . . .  With the weather not cooperating, I'm surprised you were able to get any exterior photos at all - we are very pleased."

THRILLED! Working in collaboration with Jennifer Davis-Lewis and Five Sisters and a Dog Productions … My website is completed (and launched)! I could not have imagined the marvel that was created. Nor the peace-of-mind Jennifer would provide along the way when things got chaotic with GoDaddy and PayPal. She soothed my way and gave me assurance. That is a great necessary comfort we do not realize until we face the wrinkles, storms, “sticky, yucky" issues. In the end, I got one terrific site, two outstanding videos, and several “telling” images. She captured everything that CK is. I would use Jennifer again!
As a local non-profit, we needed something that we could use for a variety of audiences with simple yet compassionate stories. Jennifer Davis-Lewis really understood our organization and our purpose. This enabled her to capture our messages through video ( and still photography) and did a great job of editing to a final product all could relate to. She has a heart for good causes and is passionate about her work.
Jennifer has created several personal videos to celebrate family members' birthdays, retirement and graduation. She gracefully handles disorganized and less than high-tech sources, seamlessly edits them and blends everything together perfectly with complimentary music and artistic finishes. Her skills are equally impressive in the business setting. When my colleagues needed a video about Thurgood Marshall for a continuing legal education presentation, she delivered exactly what we wanted and still managed to exceed our expectations.

I had excellent experiences working with Five Sisters and a Dog Productions on video and website projects.  Jennifer listens carefully and really cares about meeting the project needs.  She worked through whatever issues arose with dogged determination.  Her work has helped me reach my consumers professionally, but also with charm and creativity.


We listen.  It’s true, we listen and ask lots of questions before we even start a project. We have you fill out a survey so that we can get a feel for your project. We love meeting with our clients – sometimes virtually via video chats,  to discuss their project and feel honored, that they trust us to help  get their “story” out there, either on the web, through video or stills. After we meet we write up either a storyboard ( for video),  or a mock up of the website for you to have input on the project. After we get the “greenlight” we start working for you and won’t stop till we have exceeded  your expectations.


We love to create but also educate you  and your staff on how to maintain your website. After we create it for your organization. It’s important to have control over your website especially when you need to update it in a timely manner.Prior to your website going “LIVE” we sit down for a training session. We don’t speak in “tech-ease” but in “laymen” terms. Having a background working in education helps us guide you in controlling your website and hence your image that the whole world sees. We give you 6 months of guidance/training either via the phone/video chat or in person, if your local. Granted if you live in an exotic location and it’s snowing outside our window, we’ll come to you then too.


Editing Services

Editing is our speciality. We started editing on film, yes film, using white gloves, a splicing tape and a “Moviola” type of editor. We transitioned into the 21 century  and now do our editing with Final Cut Pro. ( we’ve been editing on FCP for close to 10 years) Let’s just say it’s a tad easier and that means it’s quicker for you to have your project competed. Once we have a first cut of the project ready to be seen, we send you a link to view it online. With approval we will burn it to a dvd or upload it directly to your website. Check out some of our videos we’ve produced for others.


You could say that by the time I could walk I had a camera in my hand.( First camera was a box Brownie) My father was a professional photographer and tested a lot of film and cameras for Kodak and other companies. Having years of experience and being trained in all aspects of photography, shooting weddings, portraits, and architecture are all enjoyable in my experience. I love to make anyone and anything look awesome. Please check out the many portfolios to look at examples of my work.


We love helping you create your own website. Depending on how much control you would like we will produce your website with in WordPress or Dreamweaver format. We can even “code” it all for you. It just depends on how much control you would like over your company’s image. If you choose to go with a WordPress design then after setting up  your website we will then train you on how to continue to update your website. You then have creative control of your company or organization’s image.

Video Production Services

We were awarded an “Excellence in Filmmaking” awarded by the Honolulu International Film Festival and we were nominated for a 2010 Voice Award for our feature length documentary on Autism, A Parallel Universe: A Journey Through Autism. We care about your project. After our initial consultation we meet back with you and propose the storyboard for your video. After your approval we start producing your video. We’ve worked with a non-profits and start-ups as well as Fortune 500 organizations. Let us help you tell your story.