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ith over 30 years experience of shooting video/film and stills and over 10 years of working in the educational field we have the perfect combination of creativity as well as the ability to help you understand how to create and control  and update your website. In this day it’s important to have complete control over your image and not to rely on someone else’s schedule. You need to update on your timeline. That’s where we come in. Five Sisters and a Dog Productions is a full service media production house. If you need photos, we shoot the photos. If you need a video, we shoot and edit the video including graphics, voice over and royalty free music. We setup your website and then train you and your personnel on how to keep your website up to date. We also include support services in the cost of the website.

Excellence in Filmmaking Award 2010
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Having a professional photographer as a father and  a mother who could design like Edith Head, Jennifer’s eye for beauty was cultivated at an early age and nurtured while maturing into a joy of still and motion film  photography.  Although we currently shoot in a digital format, the training of a film background and understanding all the bells and whistles on the cameras helps Jennifer to create beautiful works of art.  Jenn’s photographed many different types of portraits from brides to babies. Four legged family members to senior portraits. She also loves architecture. Because of this love of angles her architectural photographs are pretty darn amazing.

The professional training of being a photographer and understanding lighting techniques helps her make a good shot into a great one for your rental property. Having a background as an award winning documentary filmmaker is an added bonus for you our client. And Jenn doesn’t rest on her  laurels, let’s face it, that would be  rather uncomfortable. She continues to update her skills to stay on top of latest technology. Taking classes in NYC, Lancaster, PA or online to increase her skill and knowledge in the area of media production. This is invaluable for you, the client.

AFFORDABLE?–   Yes!!  Five Sisters and a Dog works with non- profits, start ups and large organizations too, all types of budgets.  Five Sisters and a Dog Productions is your one stop media shop. Contact us, let’s see what “we” can do for you.


"We love the photos . . .  With the weather not cooperating, I'm surprised you were able to get any exterior photos at all - we are very pleased."

Ed Wilcox
Ed WilcoxBeachside Retreat
THRILLED! Working in collaboration with Jennifer Davis-Lewis and Five Sisters and a Dog Productions … My website is completed (and launched)! I could not have imagined the marvel that was created. Nor the peace-of-mind Jennifer would provide along the way when things got chaotic with GoDaddy and PayPal. She soothed my way and gave me assurance. That is a great necessary comfort we do not realize until we face the wrinkles, storms, “sticky, yucky" issues. In the end, I got one terrific site, two outstanding videos, and several “telling” images. She captured everything that CK is. I would use Jennifer again!Sherrie LeuVay
Sherrie LeuVayCreative Kiplings
As a local non-profit, we needed something that we could use for a variety of audiences with simple yet compassionate stories. Jennifer Davis-Lewis really understood our organization and our purpose. This enabled her to capture our messages through video ( and still photography) and did a great job of editing to a final product all could relate to. She has a heart for good causes and is passionate about her work.Diana Myrvan
Diana MyrvanLove, INC of Greater Hershey
Jennifer has created several personal videos to celebrate family members' birthdays, retirement and graduation. She gracefully handles disorganized and less than high-tech sources, seamlessly edits them and blends everything together perfectly with complimentary music and artistic finishes. Her skills are equally impressive in the business setting. When my colleagues needed a video about Thurgood Marshall for a continuing legal education presentation, she delivered exactly what we wanted and still managed to exceed our expectations.Jennifer Lear
Jennifer LearVisiting Professor George Washington University School of Law

I had excellent experiences working with Five Sisters and a Dog Productions on video and website projects.  Jennifer listens carefully and really cares about meeting the project needs.  She worked through whatever issues arose with dogged determination.  Her work has helped me reach my consumers professionally, but also with charm and creativity.

Laura Barta
Laura BartaWhole Wide World Toys



Having a father who grew up on the backlots of RKO and MGM it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have an “interest” in media production. Maybe all those stories of playing on the Tarzan set, or taking care of Shirley Temple’s dog or delivery papers to Mr. Selznick, shouldn’t have influenced me so much, but hey it did. Being around people who created art from a young age and having parents who encouraged us to explore and do our best in whatever we did has made this “girl” love the joy of video production, photography and exploring the world. 

Did I mention that I love to travel and have had the opportunity to travel and shoot for clients who are on VRBO and Air B and B.  Opportunities to shoot in some amazing places, from sunny L.A. to the relaxing Caribbean island of St Barths, to the enchanting Mediterranean Coast to the Cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam, to the Pacific Northwest and to even that exotic land of Pennsylvania.We love to create images that reflect the beauty of the settings of our clients vacation  and rental homes, condos and apartments. Contact us, we’re very affordable and sometimes we even trade our services for the option of staying at your amazing residences.

Please peruse our portfolios of portrait, landscape and architectural photography above.


From script to screen. That’s what we do, and we do it well. We are meticulous with details and enjoy a challenge. Whether it’s working with children or animals ( ” Never work with children or animals” is an old adage in the entertainment business). We’ve worked with both with successful results. Sometimes we need to make a “dry” subject interesting and entertaining. (Universal Precautions of Blood Born Illnesses anyone? ) There are many other examples of our work on our YouTube channel or you can click on one of the images below and it will link you to specific videos. We work to please, after sitting down with you, we write out a script, storyboard it  and describe the shots we’ll use to convey your message. With your approval we move into full production. We shoot, then head to our cozy editing suite and edit your project. We add graphics, music and voice over if requested then load it up to secure “cloud” where you can download and let us know if it’s to your satisfaction. Once approved we send you a final cut of your project. We can also give you a DVD of your project.


We meet with you, our client and ask you to fill out a questionaire, regarding what you want in a website. After looking at the answers to our questions, we narrow down a choice of templates or we create via coding  and, usually a bit of both .We gather your text, images,and videos. Hey if you don’t have those items we can help you out in all those areas, too. We set up your website, send you a private link and ask you what changes might be needed. We then edit the website and then we go live!! But wait before we go live, we sit down with you and explain how to manage the “backend” of your new website. We have a background in education as well as media production, so we don’t speak in computer geek mumbo jumbo, that is unless you want us to, then we’ll talk “tech-ease”.  We explain to you how to run your website in everyday terms. We show you  and then ask you to show us how to do it. But wait there’s still more to our service, we help you out for the next six months. Yes, technical support for six months. We help via phone, video and if the snow is climbing up outside our window and you live some place warm, you could have us come out to you.